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Dandy Apparel

Carly Beamish has always been into building garments and making clothing. After graduating with a degree in Costume Studies in 2011, she was accepted into a work study program, as a Wardrobe Tech apprentice, at The Banff Centre for the Arts. There, she honed her craft.
Back in Halifax, she immediately went to work in building clothes, first as a freelancer and in theatre, then with Thief and Bandit, a local business that offers hand-printed, organic apparel.

The experience there, working with knits, was essential to finding the path that Carly could feel proud of.

Despite a love for all things made from needle and thread, she wanted to use her skills to fill needs, rather than wants, and saw that specifically, chest binders were creating problems for those who wore them in the LGBT+ community. Pain and scarring were only a few of the issues that folks were willing to endure, in order to achieve the appearance that made them comfortable in their bodies.

Cue Dandy Apparel. First things first: Carly has been creating prototype after prototype, trying to find the most comfortable, effective and, ideally, affordable alternative to other brands.
She feels that folks shouldn’t have to trade their emotional pain for physical pain when binding is a necessary part of one’s life. Binders are her main priority, in hopes of eventually distributing “the perfect binder” across the country.

She also sees the flaws that exist in gendered clothing and a need for more inclusivity in apparel, on all ends of the gender spectrum. As we all know, not all bodies fit comfortably into mass- produced garments, often meant for specifically gendered bodies and body types. Carly will also be offering custom clothing for all bodies, as well as alterations for existing clothing that falls short in meeting those needs. “Everyone deserves the ability to present the world with the body that makes them feel the best.”

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