The Try Guys Try Ancient Olympics…In The Buff & Oiled Up

The Try Guys are known to try out different things and record it for all of our viewing pleasure. With the Olympics happening in Rio, they decided to educate us on the original Olympics that used to happen in ancient Greece. The video is funny, entertaining and very educational.

A few interesting things they point out are:

  • The Olympians would oil themselves up to protect their skin
  • Women were not allowed to compete.
  • Before the games they had to take an oath which included confirmation that they have been training for the games for 10 months straight.
  • Though they competed in the buff, many olympians would tie a string around their foreskin as to ensure the gland was not visible (gland visibility was considered obscene).
  • Circumcision was frowned upon and viewed as a barbarian trait, this along with the thought that a visible penis head was just too much, circumcised athletes would often cover the top of their penis by wrapping it in leather.
  • There was a flogger at the games to keep it fair, who would publicly beat a player for cheating.
  • There are still games that have survived through to the modern Olympics, however most of them have some changes.

The group competes against one another in ancient games in ancient form.

Check out the video below: 

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