Interracial Same-Sex Couple Featured In New City Of St. John’s Video To Explain The Budget Process

Yesterday the City of St. John’s released a video to try to better explain the budget planning process to the residents of the NL capital. The animated video goes over topics such as where operational budgeted money goes, how property taxes work and much more. When the video explains what the budget is (revenues and expenditures), the narrator tries make it more relatable by explaining that it is like how you have household revenue and expenses.

During this portion of the video, there is a  woman in the shot and the narrator explains:

“Think about your household expenses, you have a certain amount of revenue coming into your household. Let’s say you have two salaries…”

At this point a second woman pops up and the narrator continues to a list of possible expenses, when she says “…school programs” a kid appears between the two women.

YYT budget vid 1


The video is very informative on the process of municipal budget planning. We are happy to see so many different types of people represented, that make up the vibrant city of St. John’s.





Check out the full video below:

Budget 2017Posted by City of St. John’s on Thursday, 18 August 2016



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