Wait…What!? Was North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-Un Really Waving a Rainbow Flag At The Rio Closing Ceremonies!?

Viewers from around the world were shocked and confused to see North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un waving a North Korean flag and a rainbow flag at the closing ceremonies in Rio.

Spectators and North Korean officials alike were surprised to see the leader at the closing ceremonies. North Korea has an atrocious human rights record including a believed de facto ban on homosexuality and is not known to be a progressive country in any sense of the phrase.

It turns out that this was the clever work of an impersonator, who somehow managed to grab a seat in plane view of the cameras.

The impersonator wrote on his Facebook page:

“After the IOC president made his speech, two North Korean delegates with DPRK tracksuits walked passed me and were totally shocked when they saw me waving the North Korea and LGBT flag. They chatted for about 10 seconds before one of them came up to me and shook my hand.

“I said hello in Korean and the confused expression of on these men’s faces were absolutely priceless! They then left in confusion to process what they had just witnessed.”

The lookalike goes by the stage name Kim Jong-Um and has been doing impersonations of the dictator since 2013.

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