This Is The Moment When A 12 Year Old Boy Tried To Stop Thousands Of Homophobic Protestors

On Saturday hundreds of thousands of Mexicans took to the streets to protest marriage equality in a shameful display of ignorance and homophobia.

But one boy said NO! and tried to stop the march.

Same sex marriage is legal in some states, however the Mexican president has proposed to make marriage equality a reality nation wide. This has caused conservative groups and homophobes to take to the streets in a display of protest.

In the city of Celaya, an estimated 11,000 people showed up to march against equality. This is where one 12 year old hoped to stop it. At first it seemed as though the boy may have been playing around as he stood in the path of the oncoming crowds with his arms stretched as wide as he could. However after he was removed, he was asked why he was standing there and his response will make your heart sink.

Hundreds of thousands participated in protests across Mexico.

Hundreds of thousands participated in protests across Mexico.

The child simply said “I have an uncle who is gay and I hate that people hate.”

This brave child is an inspiration to all of us and goes to show that there is love and acceptance, even in places where thousands take to the streets to say otherwise. The boy wants to remain anonymous, however we know that when the history books are written on the fight for equality in Mexico, his small act shouted louder than the thousands he so bravely stood in front of.

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