Party For A Cause: Celebrate At The Black And Blue Festival

There is a party happening this October in Montréal. It is a week-long party filled with events that celebrate the culture that the gay community has brought to the city. There will be food, music, dancing, and other awesome activities to show off your pride! While you take part you can also feel awesome about supporting a great cause! All of this can be found at this year’s Black and Blue Festival, which takes place October 5th-11th, 2016.

The Black and Blue Festival has been a highly anticipated annual event in Montreal since 1991. The premise behind the first event was to celebrate the diversity and uniqueness of the gay community and donate all proceeds to organizations who provide support to those living with HIV/AIDS. With the success of the inaugural event, the founders of the festival came together to form the BBCM (Bad Boy Club® Montréal) Foundation. As a not-for-profit organization, their proceeds go back into helping the HIV/AIDS support organizations. Over the last 25 years the BBCM Foundation has awarded more than $1.5 million in donations to these organizations. They have also recently begun campaigns to promote safe sex practices and how to prevent the spread of HIV.

What started off as one event with 800 attendees has grown into a week-long festival expecting over 30,000 participants from around the world. The festival kicks off with an opening launch cocktail party with drinks and appetizers. Afterwards you can attend the late night launch party where there is no cover and you can enjoy the chance of winning a door prize. According to Events and Promotion Coordinator Andrew Geary you can expect “a variety of cultural events, brunches, small and large benefit parties, and so much more” over the rest of the week.


This all leads up to the “Black and Blue Party”, the crowning event. Geary says it’s “…an all-night multimedia show and benefit dance event featuring state of the art sound and light design, world-renowned DJ’s, live performance, and much more.” Each year the BBCM team up with amazing artists and performers to celebrate the gay community and raise funds for the BBCM Foundation. This year you can expect to hear from Montreal’s own DJ Ian Key and Alain Jackinsky, along with New York’s Morabito.  This year the BBCM are also very excited and proud to announce, for the first time ever at the Black & Blue Party, one of the global giants of the House music scene, legendary British DJ Danny Howells. He will take stage in a special extended set.

The event provides a unique, high-tech and festive atmosphere. You can expect a night of interactive special effects, live and, The Outport is told, very sexy dancers and incredible performances with promises of more surprises throughout the night.

As the festival enters into its 26th edition it has been known to draw in people from all around the world looking to celebrate and have an awesome time. Geary looks back on his time with the festival. He shares with The Outport that he has had the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people over the years. He says he has also “grown from all the experiences… It really opens your eyes to new experiences and different aspects of the community.”

To learn more about the Black & Blue Festival and events taking place during the week you can visit Geary says, “we hope everyone can join us on the joint holidays of Canadian Thanksgiving and American Columbus Day, and celebrate the joy and unique spirit of the LGBT+ community while supporting a worthy charitable objective.”

For a chance to win tickets to this event with The Outport Magazine subscribe to our website at This will be a large highlight of 2016 and we would love to see you a part of it!

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